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On Thursday, 11 June 2015, Stretch Experiential Marketing hosted its first #OutofOffice event for the year, the second since the series inception, at the ever-cool three-storey Marshall Music building on Buitengragt Street in the Cape CBD…
Surrounded by shiny guitars, autographed cymbals and drumming gloves in all the colours of the rainbow, Mike Silver of Stretch Experiential Marketing introduced David Chait, the co-founder of the Vida e Caffè brand, former owner of Rikki’s Taxis and current Chief Delivery Man at Mr Delivery, as well as Charl Bassil, the Marketing Director of Pernod Ricard, on how to construct authentic brand teams.

Graham Lowndes
Graham Lowndes
Considering the setting, it was only fitting to receive a hearty welcome from Graham Lowndes of Marshall Music itself, kicking off with an example of the acoustic guitar phenomenon, which soon had the audience clapping encouragement as he looped various segments of guitar together.

Silver then explained the #OutofOffice initiative as ‘something different’ and fitting for the experiential agency, wanting to provide more than just the typical talk in an office space or conference venue. “Breaking the mould by hosting it in different venues and different settings makes it easier to change your thought process”, he explained.

David Chait on life values that’ll stand you in good business stead

Chait’s story took us back 20 years on his life as an entrepreneur and his service industry journey, which he dubbed “a very lonely place that comes with stress and hair loss.” It was based on watching his parents’ work ethic, always wanting to explore, and the need to support himself. He worked weekends at Newlands cricket ground running food to the suites throughout his high school career, which opened his eyes to catering companies and so he started a company called ’12th Man’, a reference to the cricket field. This went so well that Chait dropped out in his honours year but eventually turned sour, which he says is “when his lessons started”. These are: Don’t use other people’s money without knowing the consequences of paying them back – this led to the worst stint in Chait’s life, working on cruise lines as a bus boy; always do due diligence; and there’s no lift to the top floor, so be patient as there’s no such thing as ‘free money’.

Some of the #OutofOffice attendees
Some of the #OutofOffice attendees

Having paid his parents back, he got involved in Vida and found the effort put in on the ground back the still resonates today, twelve years later. Through working at Rikki cabs (he’s glad he sold it before the rise of Uber); Mr Delivery, which he decided to franchise out and take advantage of the e-commerce wave, he learned the importance of having a clear vision right from the start with an endpoint in mind means you don’t worry what doors close and open along the way. His ten values to stick by are religion, as it gives a purpose in life; the value of money, in cherishing and respecting it as it can make people funny; respecting your elders, as this keeps you grounded in business, but goes both ways as you also need to respect youth; honesty, as no one wants to work with people without integrity and life is too short to cut corners; family first, as material things come and go; be accountable, there’s really nowhere to run; communication, meaning you need to be in the trenches and take the lead as people are always watching and you need to be able to talk at all levels to any group; healthy body happy mind, which is essential to think clearly on daily basis; and lastly detail, without it you will fall flat. Chait’s final words of advice were to keep the simple things top of mind: getting to work on time and saying ‘thank you’ will take you far.

Charl Bassil on crucial communication skills – with anyone, anywhere, anytime

Next, the talk shifted “from a serial entrepreneur to the ultimate Mr Nice Guy”, said Silver in introducing Bassil. He highlighted many of Chait’s points, pointing to the importance of humility in running a serious team in a serious organisation. His career at Pernod has been underpinned by strong strategy but Bassil felt he wasn’t ready to talk at the first #OutofOffice event just yet, so this was his first time telling his story in this format. It was heartening to hear Bassil say he appreciated their support but he actually wished his team wasn’t in the audience, as it’s quite intimidating to speak in front of them.

Mike Silver, with Charl Bassis (L) and David Chait (R)
Mike Silver, with Charl Bassis (L) and David Chait (R)

His story started in what he dubbed “the centre of universe… Klerksdorp”, which is where he grew up. Bassil said it is incredible how much in common with David in terms of values, as ‘spit and a handshake’ in his parents era was enough to do business on – even though that’s how his dad lost his farm. This mindset was a huge influence on how he operates. He also reiterated Chait’s point that if you can’t communicate and operate with shareholders, investors and the guy on the ground alike, you’re not going to get anywhere. To illustrate the story he spoke of his dad handing a Russian and slap chips to a beggar and asking him to join the family in a quick meal on the steps. “In those days, you would have lunch with anybody on the street,” he explained, something that would be unheard of today.

The fundamental lesson in life that he got from this and drove his future interactions was that everybody counts. You’re dealing with someone’s father, mother, child. Everybody has a story. Connect with them as you’re not always being told the whole truth in your cosseted early life, as he discovered on entering university – try to understand what the situation is for yourself and you’ll have what it takes to succeed.

Hair Loss Thyroid Problem – How To Deal With Thyroid Hair Loss?

Hair loss is always a major growing concern for an individual. Apart from lifestyle bad eating habits too much utilization of chemical products, stress, which is consider as external factors the inter factors also plays a vital role in hair loss. Internal factors can be considered as malfunctioning of certain body system. The body system that affects the most is thyroid. Since in the early stage of hair loss it is difficult to know the exact reason behind such a condition, but it is still advisable to undergo a proper thyroid check up. Improper functioning of thyroid gland affects the hair color, texture, health and growth. Quite often your hair dresser can suggest you to undergo a thyroid check up before you can even think of consulting a doctor. It is advisable to consult a doctor as soon as you notice a remarkable hair loss. It’s always a nightmare to see hair loss or thin or brittle hair. With many products and treatment available you can certainly reduce the hair fall or can bring it to a complete stop.

During thyroid proper functioning of the hormonal imbalance which has incurred causes the hair to stay up in a longer period of dormancy. The dormancy leads towards stopped hair growth resulting into early death and fall of hair. Once the hair dies, they fall leading to great deal of hair loss.

Since thyroid proper functioning has some major effect, but medically the hair loss are not considered that harmful for any individual who is witnessing hair loss not only feels embrace socially, but also undergoes saddening experience. Since the doctor can only sympathies to your hair loss it is advisable to be well-aware of thyroid dis-functioning before undergoing any consultation. Proper knowledge would guide you toward proper treatment and procedure required, so that while consulting a doctor you can have more insight on this topic rather than getting a length lecture for the same. You can also think of second opinion if required.

Once diagnosed be well-aware about the medical prescribed. If no positive result are available even after consumption of medicines consider as it as a side-effect. If your hair gets brittle or thin you could be required to increase the doses of the medicines.

Early diagnosis and proper treatment of the thyroid gland can help fight the hair loss conditions. Next you should concentrate on your hair growth and thus maintaining the health of your present hair condition.

Some people who are having problems hair loss find that taking evening primrose oil helps. This is believed to be because evening primrose oil blocks the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.

Vitamin supplements have been proven to have positive effects on patients. Vitamin B complex, vitamin C & E are often suggested by the doctors. One can also use vitamin hair oil on scalp.

Hair straightening instrument, hair dryer and even hair styling gels harms your hair, avoid or lessen the usage. Let your hair open free for sometime rather than tying them with a tight band and also don’t brush your hair when they are wet or with the force.

Hair Loss In Los Angeles: Care For It

Most of us in Los Angeles feel that we have a tough life but let us pause for a second and think about what our hair must go through: difficult genes, the hot sun, steamy summers and wet winters.

To top it all, we add to these assaults with the help of wrong shampoos, faulty hair, harsh medication, straightening, coloring, curling, and bad hygiene, sometimes at great emotional and financial expense. Society has placed a great deal of social and cultural importance on hair and hairstyles.

Your Action Plan

To begin with understand you hair and be sensitive to its needs. Then, plan your hair regime accordingly. If your hair demands attention it is only fair that your give in. Remember, one of the golden rules for fabulous looking hair is to keep it healthy. So focus on your hair looking healthy and natural. Just like your skin great-looking hair needs a dose of tender loving care to keep it at its best.

The first signs of stress show in the appearance of our skin and hair, especially on our scalp. Research shows that as many as fifty percent of all people are troubled by sensitive scalps and hair loss.

Keep in Mind

Today there are thousands of products and varieties of treatment available for hair loss. You can consult with your physician and opt what is good for you. Only never neglect or ignore your hair if it’s causing you emotional stress.

People with hair loss in Los Angeles are always more critical of themselves. But if you feel good and confident about yourself though you’re hair is thinning or going bald, nothing can be better than that. After all, these medications are to make you feel more confident by covering those empty patches.

Gotta Feel Good!

As long as you feel good about yourself, that is perhaps the most important thing. For the others as mentioned there are a lot of options you can choose from. The forthcoming chapters would guide you through and give an idea about the causes, the remedies, various types of hair loss treatments and hair loss products available.

Guide To Control Hair Fall

Some people spend tons and tons of hours in an attempt to get their lost hair back. Did you know that you can control your hair fall problem in just minutes a day without the use of any hair loss product. Perhaps the most important advice you will learn is to not doubt yourself. If you think there is a problem, take action. If you know there is a problem, why have you waited this long to do something about it. Both men and women suffer from hair loss. The causes and the amount of suffered by them may vary from one person to another. Pattern hair fall in men is not a result of stress. It is not a result of wearing that baseball cap every day (and while you sleep).Hair fall during pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause is caused by the hormonal changes taking place within the body. The reason for this at the time of pregnancy is mainly the lack of nutrients in your food. One may boil a cup of mustard oil and pour four tablespoon henna or mehendi leaves powder in to it. Massaging bald patches regularly with this oil will prove beneficial.

There are around thirty million people around the globe who suffer from hair fall in one or the other way. Falling of hair is quite preventable but then the problem should be detected and seek treatment as early as possible. Your hair says a lot about your overall health and poor food choices can, if only indirectly, lead to thinning hair. Iron deficiencies and eating disorders can result in excessive hair fall as the body diverts its energy toward more vital areas of need. There are countless centuries-old sayings about worry and fear making hair fall out. If fear and worry can make your hair fall out, then counteracting that anxiety is an important step to reversing hair loss. The other major reason for the problems is having unbalanced diet, stress, anxiety, improper sleeping hours are the other major reasons.

Natural methods may not appeal to you at first, but you must consider why they are so effective when used the right way. In order to truly stop your hair from coming out, you must be able to target root causes of the problem. If you absolutely must use any of these shampoos, remember to use those that are herbal and all-natural. These may include those that contain saw palmetto, green tea. You should definitely focus on herbs to help combat thin hair. The best ones to take are ginkgo biloba, saw palmetto, ginseng, green tea and even a Chinese medicinal one called He Shou Wu. Use an anti-dandruff shampoo once a week and a regular shampoo once a week. Hair transplants performed growing hair from one part of the head to another. Sleep as much as you can and opt for satin blankets. This way, your hair will keep its shine for a longer time. Also, avoid wearing hair accessories, because they will damage the hair in a short time. Commonly used pack made of powdered henna leaves, powdered Indian gooseberry and lime juice is widely used in treating hair fall. Simple massaging of oils such as rosemary, lavender and henna each day will work in your favor to not only get more blood to your hair roots, but also will strengthen your hair all the way down to the follicles.

What Causes Hair Loss Among Children?

Hair loss is not only restricted to people of middle age or old age, it may even strike children. Although percentage of children suffering from hair loss is comparatively very less than adults afflicted with it, an incredible number of American kids are facing trauma of untimely hair loss from scalp. And this number is increasing day by day.

Like adults even children suffer hair fall due to varied reasons. There are three or four types of probable reasons that contribute to hair loss among children. However a child’s hair loss could be successfully treated provided dermatologist is successful in ascertaining the reason behind the loss.

Alopecia of kids is primary reason of hair fall in children. In United States itself around two million kids are afflicted with Alopecia. Although a good chunk of kids could be treated successfully, many kids are unable to re-grow hair and that make them live with the life time embarrassment and agony of not having hair on their scalp.

Following are the major causes responsible for hair fall among children:

1.Telogen Effluvium of kids: A severe shock, trauma and emotional distress can cause hair loss among children. Though this is usually a temporary loss of hair. Even very high fever could contribute to this type of hair loss. Although follicles prove resilient when Telogen Effluvium strikes, the follicle’s efficiency to regenerate hair get affected permanently. And in the long run, it facilitates permanent hair loss with aging.

2.Trichotillomania of kids: Well, this condition results in partial hair loss. This type of hair loss is unevenly spread over the scalp. It may also affect eye brows. The disease is defined as constant urge of kids to pull their own hair. This habit is usually an outcome of fear psychosis. So the root cause of problem needs to be addressed to cure Trichotillomania.

3.Tinea Capitis- The disease is also known as ringworm of scalps. This fungus propelled hair fall complication is a major contributor of hair loss among kids. It’s a transmissible disease. Kids suffer from this type of hair loss but hardly realize that their scalp is afflicted with this fungus. Till the time parents notice it, the damage to follicles is already done. However this type of hair fall is curable and kids below ten must be saved against it.

4.Traction Alopecia of kids: Kids happen to be very careless and negligent towards hair and they put hair to various types of physical damage that could be a cause of hair fall among kids.

These are some important hair loss complications in kids. As a parent, it’s your duty to provide your kids with enough hair safety so that they could not suffer hair loss.

Hair Loss Guide: What Causes Temporary Loss Of Hair?

Hair loss may or may not be permanent. Temporary hair loss is definitely much easier to deal with and cure than the permanent one. A temporary hair loss is nearly always curable. The remedy, however, depends on the cause of it.

There are several factors responsible for this kind of hair loss. It may have been caused due to illness, in which case the hair come back once the illness is fully cured.

Poor nutrition is another cause. You may be taking a diet that is otherwise fulfilling but may still not be nutritious enough for your hair. So, take a good account of what you are eating and how nutritious it is. You may also visit a dermatologist, who’ll surely be able to help you in making a suitable diet chart.

Some medicines also cause hair loss. If you are on medication and feel that you hair loss started after you began taking the prescribed medicines, there is a good chance that they may be the cause of your hair loss. In such a case you need not worry much. Your doctor will be able to tell you if the medicines he prescribed have any side effects that result in hair loss. In most of the cases, once the medication is over, hair loss also stops. Certain medical treatments like Chemotherapy also cause temporary hair loss.

If you have recently suffered from high fever, flu or have undergone surgery, you may also experience temporary hair loss. After the childbirth women lose hair rapidly. Though there is nothing to worry about, because the hair loss is because of hormonal imbalance. This is because during pregnancy a female body produces certain hormones in excess which results in a thicker growth of hair. After the child birth the hormone levels come to normal causing the hair loss. It is perfectly normal and absolutely natural.

Medical studies have shown that hair loss is seen in those who are diabetic or suffer from lupus and thyroid disorders. This kind of hair loss is attributable to the effects of the ailment and poor absorption of the required nutrition by a sick body. Often the hair re-grow automatically once the patient recovers fully.